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Google Ads for Contractors: How to Get Started

Google ads is a powerful tool to can allow you to control your spending and who can see your ads. Here are some basic steps on how to use Google Ads for contractors and help grow your business.

  1. Know Your Goals: Start by figuring out what you want your ads to do. Do you want more people to know about your services, or are you aiming to get more people to contact you?

  2. Find the Right Words: Think about the words people might use when looking for a contractor. These are your keywords. For example, if you’re a contractor who fixes roofs, “roof repair” is a good keyword.

  3. Sort Keywords Into Groups: Put similar keywords together into groups. If you do different things like fixing kitchens or bathrooms, make separate groups for each.

  4. Write Ads That Grab Attention: Create short and catchy ads that tell people what makes your services special. Include a clear message asking them to contact you.

  5. Give Extra Information: Use extra features like links to your website, additional details about your services, or where your business is located. This gives people more reasons to choose you.

  6. Target Your Location: If your services are only in one area, make sure your ads are shown to people in that area. This helps you connect with local customers.

  7. Make Ads Work on Phones: Many people use their phones to search. Make sure your ads look good and work well on mobile devices.

  8. Avoid Unwanted Clicks: Use negative keywords to avoid paying for clicks from people who aren’t really interested in what you offer. For example, if you don’t do commercial projects, you can add “commercial” as a negative keyword.

  9. Decide How Much to Spend: Figure out how much money you’re willing to spend on ads each day or month. You can control your spending by setting a limit.

  10. Keep an Eye on Results: Check how your ads are doing regularly. See how many people click on them and how many turn into customers. This helps you understand what’s working and what needs to change.

  11. Test Different Things: Try out different ideas in your ads to see what people like more. This is called A/B testing. It helps you figure out the best way to talk to your customers.

  12. Keep Making Things Better: Google Ads changes, and so do people’s needs. Keep updating your ads based on what’s happening in your business and what your customers are looking for.

By following these steps, you can create ads that reach the right people, showcase your contractor services, and bring in more customers for your business.

Google offers a $600 credit for new accounts after spending $600 in advertising. It’s a great opportunity to get your feet wet.

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